• Who is Sol-Tech?

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    Who is Sol-Tech?

    Sol-Tech is a private technical training institution founded on Christian values ​​and with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. Sol-Tech offers formal training in the following trades: electrician, millwright, diesel mechanic, fitter and turner, welder, fitter and tool and die maker. The college intends to offer courses in other scarce skills in future as well. The main campus is located in Kirkney, Pretoria. The Sol-Tech teaching staff facilitate the teaching of N1 and N2 subjects on the premises of HTS Gardens.

    Sol-Tech’s students are equipped with scarce and crucial skills and are therefore more employable. Consequently, they have access to better jobs despite affirmative action in South Africa and they can make a real contribution to combating the growing skills shortage in the country.

    Solidariteit plans to develop a campus in the near future that would enable Sol-Tech to expand its courses to include other scarce skills as well.

    What are scarce skills?

    In the modern world it has become essential that each new generation should be better trained than the previous one. The challenge is that the education environment in South Africa has changed dramatically and that Afrikaans speaking people have to adjust or become impoverished. Tertiary education has become an expensive and increasingly inaccessible luxury.  The upheaval of 1994 was one of the reasons. There has been so much empowerment, transformation and affirmative action that the skills shortage in the country has already reached catastrophic proportions. According to economists’ calculations, in 2006 there already were 300 000 vacant positions that could not be filled due to a skills shortage.


    We fulfil dreams through training.

    Sol-Tech is a non-profit technical training institution with Afrikaans as the medium of instruction and it was established by the Solidarity Movement. Sol-Tech was founded on a Christian system of values and it is based on sound business principles and principles of corporate governance.

    Sol-Tech ensures that young people are employable through training in crucial and scarce skills.

    Sol-Tech is driven by a quest for excellence.

    Sol-Tech is an inclusive, truly South African training institution with Afrikaans as instruction language. Sol-Tech assists people from all walks of life and age groups, giving preference to Solidarity members and their families.

    We train you with your own interests at heart.

    Flip Buys said, ‘Our goal is to train people to fulfil their destiny, not to merely follow a career. An excellent technical qualification will ensure a job but a shaped character will ensure a career that will make a difference in people’s lives and in the welfare of the country.’


    What training programme does Sol-Tech follow?

    The total apprenticeship training takes approximately three years, after which the apprentices have to undergo a final trade test for the coveted red-seal qualification. Applicants must have at least a Grade 9 certificate with 50% in Mathematics and Science to be admitted for studies at Sol-Tech, although preference is given to students with Grade 10. The training then begins with an internal bridging programme where 50% must be obtained in every subject to pass. Then follows a national N1 certificate with four subjects, followed by a national N2 certificate with four subjects, and only thereafter will the students set foot in Sol-Tech’s technical workshops to receive intensive practical tuition over a time period of approximately 30 weeks. Then follows about 85 weeks at a SETA approved employer, and only after the completion of this minimum period will the student be ready to begin the formal preparation for a formal trade test. Sol-Tech’s placement agency, Ajani, assists with the placement of students with SETA approved employers. Read more about the services provided by Ajani elsewhere on their website.